LISTEN: RMLLW2LLZ ft. Otis Junior and Willé (Saxophone) – Your Hair

There is something so incredibly lovely about the newest from RMLLW2LLZ that threatens to destroy us all with silky good vibes and smoothness. This is velvet made music, that track you put on when you want to set the mood. There is peril here in when you play this and how exactly you want the outcome, because there is a real possibility of pregnancy here, post blast. That’s how smooth this is, that it is just that live, the exact banger that you put on to, well, you know. I mean, how can you hear a line like “she hot and ready for my little caesar,” and not feel that love?

The presence of Otis Junior is as as welcome, adding yet another layer of cool sensuality to the track. RMLLW2LLZ and Otis Junior make for a remarkable pair, offering a nice counterbalance to each other’s strengths, made only that much more fresh by some dope ass sax playing on this track, courtesy of Willé. Where RMLLW2LLZ spits a fine a game here, sexually charged, but not overly explicit, Otis Junior has that calm confidence to drive it home. Your Hair combines the best of Charles Bradley or Aloe Blacc with something Wu-Tang style production, gritty but live, and an almost RZA style delivery. We here at Never Nervous couldn’t be more proud to help you kick off your weekend in the flyest possible way.

Listen below, but make sure to play it safe, y’all. Yo check this: the first 99 people to like the RMLLW2LLZ Facebook page get a free download code. But remember, Bandcamp is donating all of their earnings today to the ACLU, so you’re helping to protect those that need it the most AND picking up a boss jam.