LISTEN: Sea Hero – Final Show, Live at Zanzabar, January 9th, 2016

Instrumental indie rockers Sea Hero capped off a four year run just a little over a year ago at Zanzabar. To celebrate that occasion, the band have released a recording of their final show, which features material from throughout their career. It’s a live recording, so expect the usual touches, crowd noise, yelling, and plenty of in between song banter. It’s nice though in that way that it puts you there. You can practically feel the pressure from the amps in your chest, that soft waft of air that comes on off the speakers with each hit. There are a lot of delicate moments here, as is expected of post-rock, with a Mogwai or Mono like flare for the dramatic. As such, expect quiet/loud swells that punctuate each composition, a slow build each.

Sea Hero feels like an integral part of the Louisville history and one that will be missed. You can listen below and think about those slow, slow grooves.