LISTEN: The Gallery Singers – “POWER TO THE POOR”

The Gallery Singers have a new EP called POWER TO THE POOR which is currently streaming and available as a free download at the Louisville Is For Lovers Bandcamp page. Serving as a “call to action against fascist oppression and the economic slavery of 50 million Americans,” it’s generally a badass protest album featuring a few new songs as well as a cover of Shawnee Indian guitarist Link Wray’s “Rumble”, and a tribute to the 1980s Detroit blues punk band The Gories).

This iteration of The Gallery Singers features John King, Nick Layman, Ray Gun Layman and Logan Nichols. That’s a killer collection of musicians, if you ask me and it shows on this recording. The music itself is mostly instrumental and maintains a gritty, retro vibe to it throughout. The majority of the album plays out like something you might hear in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Hell yeah.

To give you a bit of further insight on the motivation behind POWER TO THE POOR, John King had this to say:

People see us struggling to survive, and they are well meaning, but they say “Be patient” and “Equality takes time.” But what we say is, How Long Is Enough Time To Wait? Isn’t 500 years of inequality on this continent enough? We can’t wait any longer. Our children can’t wait any longer. The RICH have taken everything from us. We have nothing more to give. How much of our blood do they require before they have their fill? It’s time they give some of theirs for a change. It’s time to take back what they have stolen from us. Our sweat. Our Blood. Our tears. Our Lives. No longer will we suffer while they impose economic slavery on the rest of us. The time brothers and sisters is now.

Listen to POWER TO THE POOR below: