LISTEN: Tajy – “ODD TAPE VOL 1: Westside Story”

A friend tweeted me a link a few days ago and asked me to let him know what I thought about it. The link was to Tajy‘s mixtape ODD TAPE VOL 1: Westside Story and my thoughts about that tape are as follows: 🔥.  First thing I noticed were beats from juggernaut producers like Monte Booker, Esta and Lakim, so I assume mixtape is the most appropriate designation for the project. Shouts to Louisville’s own Khudosoul, who also adds some music to the project. Trivial labeling concerns aside, the second thing that struck me is Tajy can rhyme really well. A few Pokémon references might slip past my brain’s processing abilities, but it ain’t hard to tell he flexes his lyricism. He juggles metaphorical story telling on tracks like “Galactic Tour,” coasts on classic G-Funk sounds as heard on “After School,” (which contains references to Pomona and Watts, he has roots in L.A., or at least he reps 909) and “Nothing Above You,” and just plain spazzes out on “Go Fish.”

If the intent of the project is to tell a coherent story, it doesn’t quite connect in that way; but as a collection of really good songs, it flies high. Oh, and I almost left out how much I loved the artwork. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tajy. Shouts my homie Stevie for sending this through.

Listen below: