WATCH: Shadowpact, Mr. Goodbar & Shadwick Wilde at the NN X-Mas Party ’16!

For years, we at Never Nervous have continued to complain that there aren’t enough weekend shows that start earlier in the day. Seriously, why does every show have to start at fucking 9 or 10PM? I work a lot, I’m tired, and basically I ain’t got time for that shit, man. Whenever I get an invite to one of these shows that starts super late I want to scream like the Oklahoma St. football coach Mike Gundy: I’M A MAN, I’M 40! (I’m actually 33, but whatever.)

At last, we decided to take matters in our own hands and have a show/party inside NN Headquarters (My house) early on a Sunday afternoon. It was an invite only affair, so if you weren’t asked to attend, maybe next time. In addition to copious amounts of fun-making alcohol and delicious foods, there were sets from a few choice artists that have remained close NN companions. We were lucky enough to feature a trio of fabulous performances from Shadowpact, Mr. Goodbar and Shadwick Wilde (Quiet Hollers).

Our good friend Wes York was kind enough to document the event by making a video chronicling our mini-festival of good vibes and solidarity. For the most part, this was a celebration of not only Never Nervous, but of how awesome our community is in general. Everything went off without a hitch, and everyone had a fuckin’ blast.

Watch the video below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: We shot a lot more video than this, but most of it was too dark/not good enough to use. Like I said before, we were drinking heavily and weren’t overly concerned at the time.