Leading up to last year’s Poorcastle Fest, I heard a lot of people asking who exactly the Saturday headliner was. Who is Penelope Pocket Universe and her Mom’s Diction featuring Gene Science Kit? Some kind of asshole jam band or something? And what kind of name is that, anyway? Turns out that this was a front for a surprise set from none-other than Twin Limb, only not as their usual dream-poppy selves, but as a rockin’ punk band that would go on to play a gritty, high octane set full of turned up renditions of their songs.  They also switched out their instrumental set up; Lacey Guthrie exchanged her accordion for a keytar, MaryLiz Bender swapped her drums for an electric guitar, while Kevin Ratterman sat on the throne taking on all percussion responsibilities.

I was able to get a video of the band performing their new version of “Don’t Even Think”; watch it below:

Since this performance, there hasn’t been a word about whether or not Twin Limb plans on performing as Penelope Pocket Universe or if an actual recorded version of these rocked out variations would be released or not. Until a few days ago, anyway, as Twin Limb recently released these turned up versions of their tunes on their Soundcloud page. Lacey informed me that they recorded these tracks at La La Land shortly after Poorcastle “so they weren’t lost forever.” She went on to tell me that she doesn’t think that they’ll ever perform in this fashion again, which is a small bummer considering how fucking cool these versions sound.  Oh well, at least these recorded tracks are currently streaming and available as a free download.

Download/listen to these rocked out takes on Twin Limb, by Twin Limb below:

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