LISTEN: Jenna Dean – “Apathy” (ft. Patrick Hallahan)

There is an irony in the title “Apathy,” given the attention given to detail here, lyrically or otherwise, rendering the subject anything but. To say that they don’t care is anything but accurate, a misnomer possibly meant to throw you off, and one of several layers that make up Jenna Dean. There are hip-hop, R&B, funk, and rock elements here balanced carefully against one another, with solid production to boot. This heartfelt and reflective track on love and loss, be that personal or otherwise, serves as a good introduction to their music. You might draw comparisons to John Legend or Prince, albeit in a sublime way and filtered through the contemplative raps of Childish Gambino, Nas, or Blackalicious.

Check out their new single, a prelude to their impending release on sonaBLAST Records, featuring Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket offering his remarkable talent.