BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Aesop Rock was HELLA LIT at Mercury Ballroom! (1/21)

Aesop Rock‘s show at Mercury Ballroom last weekend (1/21) was hella lit. A deer died, my wife became a Homeboy Sandman fan, hundreds of people chanted a cats name and a legend rapped to us around a campfire.

The night started with Homeboy Sandman warming up the stage with some of his most recognizable joints like “The Miracle”, “America The Beautiful” and “Sputnik”. Seeing “The Carpenter” live was amazing, even more so after the 5th rum and coke.

After a brief intermission Aesop walks out and the crowd goes crazy. Watching throngs of people easily navigate their way through dense Aesop lyrics in unison with him performing them was inspirational. I’m up top taking it all in from the balcony. A kid behind me is eagerly tip-toeing and craning his neck to see the show, when I offer up my spot to him for a few songs. After he gets his feel, tells me my energy is good and offers me a molly, I decline and resume my rap fandom in awe.

Shout out to DJ Zone as well. With his tables situated between the stage props consisting of two towering trees and a handful of deer on either side, he completely controlled the mood of the show. Dropping beats in perfect sync with the perfomers, dropping sections out for emphasis with precise timing, he was amazing. The show was amazing and I won’t soon forget it.

Watch a few videos of the show from Youtube user xjryanrussellx below: