LISTEN: Wicked Garden – “Demo”

I had mixed emotions when I heard there was a new “alternative hardcore band” in Louisville that call themselves Wicked Garden. Not because I scoff at the genre, but because of the band’s name that may or may not be referencing a Stone Temple Pilots song from their 1992 Core record. Then I was made aware that Knocked Loose‘s Isaac Hale was a major player in this endeavor which sold me on giving their demo an honest, but excited ear.

The band’s debut demo, which is currently available on Bandcamp is a delightful mix of standard hardcore and retro grunge rock, not unlike from bands like Superheaven and Title Fight, but with a grittier edge. Hell yeah, I can deal with that. Can’ wait to hear more from these guys.

Listen to the new demo below, then download it here on a “name your price” basis: