WATCH: James Lindsey – “Rainbows”

To get you hyped on his upcoming Same Sky record, Louisville rapper James Lindsey recently dropped a music video featuring a new song called “Rainbows” serving as the album’s second single (the first one being “Wanna Shine”). The song, which also features beautiful vocals from Cicily is a further example of what to expect from Lindsey’s new effort: fun-loving hip hop with thoughtful lyrics and precise flow coupled with a carefully crafted beat that’ll make you tap your feet.  Same Sky is scheduled to hit the streets this Friday, January 20th via sonaBLAST!.

What’s the song about? This is what James Lindsey had to say via the sonaBLAST! website:

Mass incarceration inspired this video. I put myself in the shoes of Simone who had obviously lost someone to the prison system in America. It sounds dark but myself and my director Roman Lane used light in the video as a sign of hope. The song is based on my experience with my cousin who was incarcerated and how I felt when he was released. It is one of those stories that a lot of families deal with and I am glad to share my perspective.

Watch the video for “Rainbows” below, then preorder Same Sky here.