LISTEN: Same/Same – “RuffMix”

While combing through the new releases on Bandcamp a week or so ago, I stumbled across a 3-song demo from a band called Same/Same, a group I had never heard of and knew nothing about. As soon as I hit play, I was immediately reminded of classic Louisville heavy hitters such as Slint, Shipping News or even Rodan. Whether it be intentional or not, the mysterious music presented here has an undeniable 90’s throwback flavor to it with a seemingly obvious hometown art rock influence. At times I’m also reminded of the abrasive take on indie rock heard from bands like Oxes and/or Shellac.

After a bit of investigating, it turns out that one of the two dudes that wrote and played on this recording is none other than David Brooks who in the past has played in badass bands like Plows, Prideswallor and Pandar. For starters, I had no idea this guy was still playing in bands, so considering his past efforts this is certainly exciting, especially after hearing the small sample provided. The other guy on this recording is Cory from Calgary noise rock band Breathe Knives (Couldn’t find his last name anywhere. thanks, Google). To get a better handle on this, I reached out to David to see what the deal is with the new endeavor, and he informed me that this demo, aptly titled RuffMix is “the result of two guys that don’t live close enough to practice or have a regular band emailing ideas back and forth until we decided to spend a week recording the ideas and document them.”

He went on to tell me that while this music is mostly for their own entertainment, he has pulled in a few friends for an upcoming full-length. Louisville musicians include Matt O’Connell (previously of Prideswallower, Elephant Micah), Aaron Osbourne (Plows, Prideswallower, Life Partner), Evan Patterson (Young Widows, Jaye Jayle), and Ryan Davis (State Champion, Tropical Trash). From Calgary they have Jim Hudson (The Weir, Oxeneer), Tom Bagley (Forbidden Dimension), and Kieran McAuley who was their engineer during the week of recording at Red Volume Audio in Calgary. They also recruited Iggy Pop‘s guitarist Whitey Kirst to contribute to the record as well. Whew, that’s quite a lineup of musicians.

The album is apparently recorded and in the process of getting mixed. I have no idea when this album will be released, but it’s my understanding there will be a vinyl output. Hell yeah. In the meantime, enjoy these three songs, then download them on a “name your price” basis.