BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: 1200 at The Kentucky Center For The Arts 1/14

For years now, we at Never Nervous have been anxiously waiting for a proper full-length album from rapper/musician/teacher/awesome dude 1200. And I know we haven’t been the only ones feeling this feverish anticipation as seemingly the whole damned city of Louisville has been ready to see and hear what this guy has up his sleeve. After what has seemed like forever, at last, 1200 aka Jecorey Arthur is ready to unleash not just one, but two albums that coincide with one another: Spirit and Seance.

To celebrate the release of his new music, 1200 hosted a release show on Saturday (1/14) at The Kentucky Center For The Arts. How’d it go? What was it like? Well, to put it plainly, his two-hour performance was epic, even by his preposterously epic standards. For starters, he had a full string section and a collection of harmonizing singers (led by Cheyenne Mize) in addition to his traditional DJ + emcee setup. For large segments of the show he performed behind a sort of tent where you could only see his silhouette and an ongoing ever-changing selection of projections. It was pretty cool.

As the show went on, 1200 and crew played a boatload of songs, some old, but mostly from his new pair of records. For such a large production (I’m guessing at least 20 people performing in some way at the same time) everything sounded fantastic, and as usual Jecorey was his usual charismatic self as he engaged the crowd as only he can and does. There were songs where he joined the vocal chorus, there were songs where he soley embraced a xylophone (I think it was a xylophone…), but for the most part he embraced himself as one of Louisville’s finest emcees as he repeatedly slayed and slayed, and then slayed some more. I got the feeling from the folks around me that no one was ready for the show to end, even after two hours.

I took video of a few songs from the show, and made a collective mini-movie chronicling a few choice moments. Watch it below: