LISTEN: Nine Eyes – “Forever Isn’t Long Enough”

Metalcore maestros Nine Eyes have returned with a badass 5-song EP titled Forever Isn’t Long Enough. As we’ve heard from these fellas in the past, their latest effort continues their tradition of putting out quality metal infused hardcore that while not genre-changing is a more-than-welcome reminder of how good this sort of noise can be as evidenced especially in the late 90’s/early 00’s.

What’s the album about? I reached out to the band with that very question and they responded “There is no unifying theme lyrically between all of the songs. Most songs are filled with hate, whether it’s towards frauds, antiquated ideas, etc. There is a love song though, which is pretty cool.” Pretty cool, indeed.

The album is currently streaming and available for purchase as a digital download at the Nine Eyes Bandcamp page. The band plans to have cassettes ready in time for Midwest Blood Fest (2/3-2/4) and a possible 7inch release down the line.

Listen to Forever Isn’t Long Enough below: