LISTEN: Anwar Sadat – “Ersatz Living”

Get intense this afternoon with Anwar Sadat, humming coming at you with Ersatz Living, maybe their most intense banger to date. How this can sound like Coil, Rammstein, and still have that hint of Unwound in the background is beyond me, but it is certainly accurate. This is what you listen to when you just hate something, when you are seething rage, the sort that flips tables or lifts weights to vent frustration. In fact, this may be the sonic embodiment of post-election fury, an ever-boiling anger that incites madness. The lead for their upcoming full length, Ersatz Living is a vicious precursor of the rest of the album, a dark industrial dirge that never lets up.

Listen below and try not to break things. Catch them this weekend playing the Louisville Standing Rock Benefit, details at the link.