WATCH: Left Out Reunion Set

My favorite Left Out story, maybe apocryphal, is as follows. The band were out for a drive and spotted a couple walking a dog. Left Out: “Nice Dog.” The Dog Walkers smile. Left Out: “I bet you fuck that dog.” That’s exactly the kind of sneering punk rock garbage that I loved as a kid. Would I do it now? No way. I’m a sophisticated adult, thank you very much. But my heart is all over messing with the masses and driving off into the sunset. And apparently Left Out was all the same.

We traveled in the same circles, but never really connected beyond that, which is less an ego check, and more a qualifier; I’m not especially familiar with their music beyond a passing understanding that it was both pop and punk (and presumably pop punk). Watching the video below certainly confirms that suspicion, although now that I’m a little older (aren’t we all) and have a bit broader world view, I can understand why people were/are into this. This is a little more Elliott than Green Day, although the overlap is apparent.

Watch below and either relieve your wonder years, wax nostalgic, or assume that the early-aughts were the magic that they weren’t.