LISTEN: Lydia Burrell – No One’s Home Tonight

I was shocked to learn that a new Lydia Burrell had dropped right under my nose and behind my back. How could this happen? How could I miss anything new by one of Louisville’s most underrated songwriters? Yeah, I said it. Speaking in superlatives does no one any real favors, but I throw my hat into the ring on this: Alex Smith can write the hell out of a good song, and his work with Lydia Burrell is proof positive of that attribute.

Of course this song deliver. Of course it does. Released just before Christmas, this is kind of perfect for that season, perhaps given the chiming synths that have a bell like quality to their timbre. This is a pop gem that requires no further qualifier, not indie-pop, dream-pop, or any of that. Just a good and catchy song on par with the very best of Beck and maybe some of the more restrained Grizzly Bear work. Listen below and hear for yourself why Smith is a powerful force in Louisville music.