WATCH: Insect Policy – Swarm

Noise pirates Insect Policy are kicking off 2017 with the nightmarish video for Swarm, one of their contributions to the dropped in CROPPED OUT comp from auralgamiSOUNDS for last year’s Cropped Out. The video has a distinct David Lynch thing going on, trippy and definitely the stuff of feverish dreams, disjointed and vaguely human. It’s that weird niche that Insect Policy fills, that blithe, fuck-it-all sound that is equal parts improv noise jazz and garage punk. There is a definite Birthday Party vibe infused in the music, sublimated by the sheer insanity of the proceedings. Think about that: Insect Policy overwhelm the gleeful heinousity of Nick Cave and company at their most depraved.

This is glue huffing madness, the soundtrack to your criminal mischief charges. Watch below and taste the rainbow.