LISTEN: At Dawn – “Roll For Rust”

When hardcore troupe Ritual Void decided to call it quits a short while ago, founding member Jeremy Newhouse decided to initiate a solo initiative he’s calling At Dawn. His debut album, titled Roll For Rust is completely his own, as he wrote and recorded the record in its entirety at HQ Recording, a studio that he owns. As far as playing shows, he has a full band equipped and ready to go, although I’m not sure when their first live gig will actually happen.

As for the music on Roll For Rust, it’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s fucking heavy. The sort of heaviness heard from classic metal bands like  Megadeth and Slayer, but with a twinge of modern hardcore thrown in for good measure. Hell yeah.

Roll For Rust will be available on CD the first week of February, and then on vinyl in August. In the meantime, stream the album in its entirety below: