LISTEN: James Lindsey – “Wanna Shine?” (Ft. Otis Junior)

James Lindsey (formerly known as Jalin Roze) just dropped his lead single “Wanna Shine?” from his upcoming EP titled Same Sky, which is set to hit the streets January 20th via sonaBLAST!. The track, which also features the warm, flowing voice of Otis Junior is an upbeat party jam with a dance-tastic beat (produced by Joshua Nicholson) that reminds me of an modern take on classic Tribe Called Quest with an otherworldly edge to it that has me fantasizing of dancing on the moon shirtless, with shades on, and with a glass full of bourbon. Why? I don’t know man, it’s my fantasy. Deal with it.

From what I understand, this song was inspired by a meeting with Andre 3000 at Forecastle a few years ago. I’m not sure what went down at said meeting, but I do remember him (Lindsey) mentioning it on stage during his epic outdoor performance (watch it here).

Aside from the 1/20 release date, details surrounding the Same Sky EP are sparse. In the meantime, listen to “Wanna Shine?” below: