WATCH: Sloe Pink – “tofu_cherry_k0la”

We were away for a week while preparing our new NN home, and during our absence we missed a few supremely fucking dope happenings in Louisville, most notably the new music video from Sloe Pink featuring his song “tofu_cherry_k0la” (directed by Mike Thompson). Holy shit, how awesome is this mini movie? It starts off in what looks like an underground bunker or something where a creepy religious cult are gathering to finally meet their supreme leader: The Architect, who is played by none other than Sloe Pink himself who goes on to perform to a vibing congregation.

As he preaches/raps his message, he eventually has the audience partake in some (you guessed it) tofu and cherry cola, only to conclude with a Jim Jones-style massacre. I’m not clever enough to get his overall message in this video, but damn I’m having a great time!

The song can be found on the excellent wākup EP which was released earlier this year. Purchase the 7-song effort for just a dollar at his Bandcamp page. Highly recommended.