NN PODCAST: 2016 IN REVIEW with guest host Joann Jene

Well folks, 2016 is at last about to be flushed down the toilet, once and for all. And good fuckin’ riddance, am I right? I’m not going to delve into the many instances that universally made this year a greasy turd, but you understand why folks have been consistently bummed, right? Sure you do.

Having said that, while this year has had its share of relentless bummers, boy has it had a fucking fantastic soundtrack. Seriously, there have been so many amazing records released this year that I’ve had the hardest time keeping up with the new noise from week to week. My wallet has certainly suffered through these trying times as I couldn’t help myself from denying myself from food and toiletries to allow myself to purchase more records. And it was totally worth it.

Like we did last year, we thought it’d be fun to chronicle a few of our favorite songs from 2016 in the form of a podcast, this time featuring myself (Phil) and Jake alongside guest host Joann Jene from Joann + The Dakota. We each chose three of our top songs from the year that was (2 Louisville, 1 Not Louisville); we listen to them, then talk about why they’re awesome. That’s it, no big deal. Think of these songs as suggestions for your next badass playlist you create. Or maybe you just want to hear us drunkenly ramble about how much we love a few tunes. Whatever.

Listen below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: We were heavily drinking through this episode, so bear with us. Or better yet, have a beer yourself and celebrate this music with us. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Oh, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!