NN RELAUNCH: Bless This Mess

We are excited to welcome you to our new cyber home here at Never Nervous (never-nervous.com)! While we are stoked that you’re here and ready to party, we absolutely understand that there are plenty of bugs to find and squash throughout the site, especially with older content.

Why move? What was wrong with the old location? Well, first of all we realized that a lot of people were viewing NN on their phones and tablets, and that our former platform was falling short in a big way in this area. Second, we wanted a fresh start where we could begin to write about other art forms than music, although music will always be our primary focus.

Having said that, in the future we plan to update your ass with not only music news and commentary, but the same also with a few new categories: Food & Drink, Sports, and Culture (politics, video games, and everything else). No, we aren’t experts on any of these things, but we thought it’d be fun to give our perspective on a few more aspects regarding to what makes Louisville the best city in the world.

Bare with us, and please suggest anything you think may make Never Nervous a better experience for you and anyone else in the comments.

We fucking love you, Louisville!