LISTEN: Parker – “White Tapes” Vol. 1

It’s criminal that this release is as short as it is. There has to be some math equation out there that balances talent with available content, or you may think prior to checking out Kid Rock’s back catalogue and then crying in the dark that that crustacioed nutsack “made it big” by any such standards. But have no fear, because Parker is here to save you from that existential crisis, even if it is too little (but not too late). A three song collection of instrumental hip-hop songs, Parker channels acts like Boards of Canada or Clams Casino for something super smooth.

You could imagine this easily on a set with local contemporaries like Sarboza or TinyForest, and it’s encouraging to realize just how rich our scene is in terms of talent. The music here seems largely composed with a hip-hop audience in mind, but it could just as easily pivot to other electronic forms of music. Most of this seems to avoid overt sampling, except for the last track, which perverts a vocal sample in an entirely satisfactory way, proving again the value of non-traditional music forms (i.e. not just made with guitars and shit).

Listen below and dig it.