LISTEN: Sump Pumps – “Cat Sounds”

I was completely unaware of post-punk four-piece Sump Pumps until their latest album Cat Sounds dropped into our inbox a week or so ago, and that’s unfortunate considering that the band has apparently been putting out records since 1999. My ignorance probably stems from the fact that the band spent most of their time in Bloomington and I’m not completely caught up with that whole shebang of a music scene (although it is undeniably awesome). Anyway, it is my understanding that a few members of the band relocated to Louisville in 2008 and have decided after eight years since their last output that they should release a brand spankin’ new album.

The result? A fuckin’ brilliant collection of electric punk rock that fuses the raw energy of early Rye Coalition with an unconventional sense of toe-tappin’ pop. There are some bad ass riffs, sinister synths, and a rock and roll vibing vocalist in Kyle Beach who leads the way in each track. After spending a bit of time with Cat Sounds, my immediate favorite song is “Shadow Proxy” which opens with an epic Iron Maiden-inspired riff complete with harmonized guitars, then quickly morphs into an uptempo headbanger that’ll make you fist pump until you throw your shoulder out. Also, huge shoutout to “Bad Birthday”; not only is the track an up-beat barrage of rockin’ paranoia, but near the end of the track I’m pretty sure there is a sample of Mike Schank from American Movie taken from the scene where he’s belligerently screaming into a microphone for a radio show (I think). Hell yeah.

Cat Sounds is currently available as a digital release at the Sump Pumps Bandcamp page, but when the band engulfs on their next tour they plan to have “some sort of fancy i.e. drive with the entire discography on it,” according to synth player Rob Ross. Listen to the album below, then buy it for $10.