LISTEN: Sarboza – “Birdbath”

Producer/beat maker Sarboza (aka Zac Estes) has a new five song EP called Birdbath available now for download at his Bandcamp page, and I’m here to explain why you need this in your life. His latest effort is a quick listen featuring carefully orchestrated sample heavy tracks, mostly instrumental. The exception is “Sweet Dreams” which features a fantastic lyrical effort from rapper Jordan Jetson. This is most definitely my favorite track on Birdbath, but I recommend you ingest this EP as a whole from start to finish. It’s pretty fucking good.What is this collection of noise all about? According to Sarboza himself, “Birdbath is a five song EP containing music that circles around several different aspects of romantic relationships, ranging from being madly in love to reflections on ones mistakes.” Cool, I can dig on that.

Listen below, then add it to your “getting ready for work” playlist. Because that’s what I did.