LISTEN: Lomed – “The LRN E​.​P.”

It seems that lately there has been an increase in the amount of lo-fi, chill out jams that the city has to offer, which I submit here as a great thing. The latest offering is courtesy of Lomed, a self-styled instrumental hip-hop producer that mixes the sterile economy lounge of vaporwave giants Telepath or 2 8 1 4 with more traditional, if still laid back hip-hop trappings of Clams Casino or J Dilla with a dash of Boards of Canada thrown in for good measure. As such, the tunes found in the LRN E.P. are cold as ice, the kind of elevator bops that you might expect in the corporate headquarters of Margaritaville or something like that, which is to say that it’s mad mild, but still business first.

This is dope stuff and gets you in an easy breezy mood. It’s easy to zone out to this while listening, which in a lot of ways lends a little of that Eno magic to it, where it is as ignorable as it is interesting. Still, that’s no less emphasis on the interesting bit, but just to say that it blends into the background, and kind of serves like a blank palate for you to project your own thoughts and feelings onto, rather than coming loaded with a prescribed vibe. Get ready to zen out and think about naps and stuff.

Listen below: