WATCH: T-Razor & Filthy Rich – “All I Know Is Smoke” Ft. Bonez & Dave

Hip hop heroes T-Razor and Filthy Rich have released a new music video for their song “All I Know Is Smoke” which serves as the first single from their upcoming Championships joint project. The track, which also features a pair of verses from Bonez and Dave serves as a sort of lyrical love letter to cash and weed, and while that subject matter may seem played out, these three emcees really connect with their differing styles and delivery. Meanwhile, Filthy’s beat seems to have his signature grimy residue all over it but at the same time manages to capture a dreamy edge with what sounds like a harp sample that almost reminds me of something heard on one of the newer Legend of Zelda games.

The video itself was put together by Dennis Stein of Exacta Cube. It appears that he mashed together a bunch of heavily distorted VHS clips of police riots, dollar bills, creepy girls, and of course, marijuana. The video is a fuckin’ trip, no doubt.

Championships is set to be released December 3rd. In the meantime, enjoy this new song and music below: