WATCH: Twin Limb and Jim James covering Mazzy Star!

Those scamps at Pitchfork scooped us again?!? Who do they think they are writing about awesome music and putting our hometown whiz kids on a national stage? In response to this very serious affront to our self-importance, Never Nervous would like to formally issue a challenge to the staff of Pitchfork to a game of air hockey and/or Laser Tag. I’m a little doughy, but don’t count your boy out to take down some peeps with a laser gun or a hover disc. I’m like the tron of fat dudes.

Is this video awesome? B’doy. It’s the best. Mazzy Star is amazing and Fade Into Youis the kind of track that somehow makes it to the radio despite staying melancholy and atmospheric, uncommon qualities for anything meant for a mass audience. The blending of Twin Limb and Jim James is absolutely flawless, with folks sharing vocal responsibilities and the like. The music is lush and beautiful, but then what else would you expect? Watch the video below and live vicariously through their experience of playing in front of a lot (a lot) of people. Try not to get anxiety.

Chill with us below.