REVIEW: House Ghost – “Handshakes”

House Ghost

If you’re looking for some uplifting music with light subject matter to help you get through the horror that the last week has been, then look no further than House Ghost’s latest release Handshakes. The indie bubble gum pop sound that these guys have perfected is mind altering in a different way than I’m used to. It’s uplifting.

I probably don’t listen to enough happy music.I woke up with “You Should Go Feat. Eons D” in my head Nov. 9th. It’s a delightfully catchy tune, something that my friends and I often refer to as an ear-worm. It get’s in your head and doesn’t leave. And when it’s the soundtrack in your head to the murder of the country it’s almost like a scene from American Psycho. That being said, the lyrics are easy and touch on a subject that we all have faced before. You bought tickets to a show but now you don’t want to go so you have to get rid of them. Why has this never been subject matter for a song before? Another stellar track on the album is “Gold Watch featuring James Lindsay.” I’ve been into this song since I saw their City Song performance. This subject matter isn’t nearly as upbeat as getting rid of tickets however. It’s about losing your job but the music makes you feel like, “fuck it, I’m cool with that.”

In all seriousness, Handshakes is a high quality production. The first half of the album is electronic music that feels organic. Those songs are then remixed even further into electronic dreamscapes for the second half of the album. If you’re into things like Reggie and the Full Effect but a little more serious and a little less edgy, then Handshakes is an album that you will love.

Check it out below: