The Louisville Music Community Speaks Out About Trump!

I’ve got bad news for any of you folks that care about your community, the environment, or the world around you, especially anyone who happened to be in cryogenic freezing or who perhaps time traveled forward to get a glimpse of the future (spoiler: it’s a dystopia): the American people have spoken and it was ugly. Speaking only for myself, I can’t honestly condemn anyone for who they did or didn’t vote for in terms of the democratic nominee or third party candidate, unless your decision was rooted in sexism or bigotry. I feel absolutely comfortable, however, drawing a line in the sand and saying that if you voted for Trump, regardless of your logic, you voted for anti-intellectualism, fear, and hatred.
So we reached out to the community with an open mind to see what local artists had to say. Unlike other outlets that will likely edit things down, we kept everything that everyone had to say in, and boy did people have plenty of opinions to share. Be forewarned then that this is a long read, and skip around as you feel comfortable. The people (well, less than half of them… thanks Electoral College) have spoken and we here at Never Nervous want to give a platform to those who are otherwise disenfranchised. Our politics by and large reflect the golden rule, which is about as simple as it gets. If you can’t find it in your heart to love and accept people different than you, this may not be the right place.

Carrie Neumayer (Girls Rock Louisville, Second Story Man, Julie of the Wolves): I am trying to avoid indulging my imagination’s deepest, craziest fears about what the future may hold. The brunt of this election’s outcome will not affect me personally anywhere near as badly as millions of more marginalized individuals. For those of us who have the privilege of knowing that for the most part, we’ll be okay—It is 100% our fucking responsibility, our DUTY– to fight against white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. It is our DUTY to love and support those who will suffer the most. We cannot waste time and energy with infighting and distractions. White people need to organize, listen, and put aside our white fears and fragile white egos and participate in movements to further wake up our cousins, brothers, sisters, and others. Let’s make election be the catalyst for real change. Let’s start tomorrow.

“It is 100% our fucking responsibility, our DUTY– to fight against white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. It is our DUTY to love and support those who will suffer the most.”

Kogan Dumb (Bird Zoo): My concerns aren’t just about Trump as president. This election really did recapture vibes and even imagery from civil rights times. The hate and negativity coming from his supporters and rallys was crazy. But in all honesty that doesn’t surprise me at all. I am fully aware that racism and bigotry still exist in this country. This is my first election as an union member. Democrats even loss the house. So my main concern is for our governor Matt Bevin to get the right-to-work law passed here. Right-to-Work might not sound like a bad thing, but it is. Being apart of a union, and working with union contractors. When we bid or get to a job site, we demand proper wages and hours. The Legal Defense Foundation says right to work laws prohibits union agreements or any agreements between the workers and union. There are no guarantees of employment. And it basically takes all the power away from the people and gives it to the government or the business you work for. A lot of fighting, and even dying has gone into people bringing power into organized labor. Trump doesn’t care about workers. A republican house doesn’t care about workers. It’s all about power and money for their own fat pockets. It’s so stupid when poor people back these idiots. People feel important sharing the same views as these money hungry jerks. America has a long history with keeping people uneducated. I’m concerned people will never smarten up until it’s too late.

“A republican house doesn’t care about workers. It’s all about power and money for their own fat pockets.”

Artemis the Archer (Shadowpact): As a woman, I am afraid to have someone so inconsiderate as our leader. Someone who puts his needs above others and takes what he wants at their expense. Someone who encourages rape culture and incites violence amongst his people.

But I have more to fear for than just the women of this country, because I must also fear for the safety of our POC, LGBTQ+, and other minorities. All of the sudden people think their sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. is justified because Trump has spewed so much hate this past year. We’ve tried to sweep racism under a rug saying it no longer exists, but Trump has burned that rug and exposed how disgusting the floor really is.

I fear less that the policies benefiting and protecting us will be reversed, but rather we will make no further progress towards equality, and that the progress we have made will be overshadowed by the actions of our disgruntled citizens. I just hope that we are able to survive these next four years and learn from them.

Connor Bell (Shedding): My concerns:  For me, what is most concerning is how no one really has any clue how Trump will operate as President.  Based on how erratically he has behaved and the values he has espoused in the past two years, I’m not hopeful.  Still, the uncertainty lingers.  That is a sensation I’ve never felt after an election.  The one thing that seems certain is unpredictability.  In an interview with some horror movie director I read at some point, the director emphasized that it isn’t the monster that is scary for a viewer, it’s the unknown that creates that sense of dread and horror.

Modern Marvill (Shadowpact): The Klu Klux Klan have announced they will be holding a “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade” in North Carolina, in honor of Donald Trump becoming the president elect. They have said that, quote, “Trump’s race united my people.” This is why I am scared of a Trump Presidency. Donald Trump’s campaign targeted middle to low class, blue collar, white Americans. Which, I suppose it’s fine to have a core target audience to market your campaign towards to gain followers, right? Unfortunately though, his campaign took to turn for the worst when Trump started to express ideals that could very easily by interpreted as racist, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic, among other things.

Trump separated himself from every single politician before him, by playing into the “He really say’s whats on his mind, he’s different” mindset. That’s when he, maybe even unintentionally, gained additional supporters. Supporters who may not have even voted otherwise. Supporters who started to look at Donald Trump as their catalyst to justifying their own discriminating agendas and misled hatred toward non-whites and non-Christians. These are the people who took the campaign slogan to heart. It worked, too. Non-college educated working class whites essentially gave Trump this election, with a whopping 58% of the vote.

When you have a candidate who runs his campaign on such questionable morale standards, and wins, then naturally you have supporters of that campaign who agree, or at the very least, can tolerate, those discriminating ideals. And I fear those supporters will continue the trend we’ve seen in the last two days, of feeling more entitled to those ideals, and harassing, threatening or assaulting citizens of different race, religion, nationality and gender/sexuality. Which I fear will divide this country even further, and bring tensions to an all time high.

Aside from the moral and civil standpoints, alot of Trumps proposed policies are also very concerning. We now have a president who does not believe in climate change, and plans to cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs, which will certainly halt climate and global warming studies for a long time. Trump has stated within his first 100 days in office, he will repeal most of President Obamas executive branch orders, which include the creation of the Syrian refugee program, increased regulations on greenhouse gas emissions for the nation’s power plants, giving same-sex couples the right to take family medical leave and halting the immediate deportations of illegal immigrant children. He can easily repeal these order, without going through any channels. Fearful, indeed.

“Hope is all we got.”

I think at this point, we can only wish that Trump will become more toned down now that he is in office. If his meeting with Obama was any indication of how the rest of his presidency will be, there might be just a tiny, slither of hope. Hope that, some of his more radical policies won’t be enforced, and bills won’t be passed. Hope that, in the wake of these numerous protests and assaults, that maybe Trump himself will come out in the defense of the violated. Hope that these racial tensions will cease. Hope that, together, we can unite as Americans, and get through the next four years without a civil war. Hope. Hope is all we got.

Kate McColl (Hanoi Jane): Brothers and Sisters, the time has come…

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a day which will live in infamy, the great Cheeto man
and his counterpart pencil-head were elected into office, and with that their crony
neo-nazi and ku klux fuckheads plan to hurt all of our friends and everything that we hold dear.


We won’t let that happen brothers and sisters! Oh no we won’t!

Above all, we are Americans, we won’t stand for that! Never! Not in a million and
a half fucking years! You bet your sweet ass Mr. Donald, you ain’t ever seen a fire
like the ones I’ve seen in my brothers and sisters bellies!  I participated in a small protest march last night, maybe about 10 or so people, but there are even larger gatherings across the country last night, tonight, and to continue.  Get out there! Don’t take it! We won’t!

POC, Muslims, Queers, Women, Immigrants, and all other marginalized groups are not gonna take this lying down!

Come at us mother fuckers we’re ready!!!

Duncan Cherry (Aphids, Springbreak Forever, and probably 20 other projects): My biggest concerns with a trump president don’t necessarily include myself.

I fear for my LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters and those who exist outside the binary. If you’re not familiar with the concept of genderqueer, transgender, non-binary gender, intersex, asexual, or any other categories that people may consider themselves to be – or not consider themselves to be – I would strongly suggest you read up, as it is not their duty to educate you on how Western culture has created boxes for people. Those who are so bravely living their true selves out in the open are subject to ridicule, preconceived notions, and hatred solely for being themselves and loving who they want. We have come too far from the Stonewall riots and work done by such incredible figures of intersectionality as Marsha P. Johnson and public officials like Harvey Milk. The community must be lifted up and allied strong with those who do not exist inside of it so that if we are assaulted, raped, murdered, and ignored by police and the government because they simple do not get it, we are not treated as less than human for being different.

I fear for the women in my life – my mother, sisters, nieces, and friends – because it seems as if Mr. trump doesn’t care for their well being. He ignores the choice a woman has over her body and promotes the rape culture in which a woman is not trusted to be telling the truth when someone violates them. We cannot have this happening. It has to be fought for and we must lift women up to the highest. Men – we have to treat women as our EQUALS and we must teach our sons and each other that these actions are to never be done.

I fear for the people have non christian beliefs who will be targeted because they do not fit into narrow minded people who don’t understand that there are other gods and values who people praise in this world. We are not a christian nation. We have freedom of religion written into the first amendment. As the some in our country seem to want to ban those of Muslim faith or deport them, draw swastikas on buildings, and openly bash those who adhere to hijab – we must comfort and fight for those who want to practice whatever faith they believe in. Religious persecution is downright inhumane and if you see it – you should stop it.

Lastly, I fear for those who are not white. This is one thing I have worried about even before the election. He wants to build a wall to close off the border with Mexico, he wants to stop visas for people who are “taking American jobs”, and I genuinely doubt that he would ever admit that black lives do matter. Though being a queer, it is easy for me to slip by because I am white. This is a privilege. I worry that my non-white friends will be treated unfairly, judged, assaulted, or killed for the color of their skin. Its sickening to think of but we are 200 years past the end of slavery, and barely 50 years past the civil rights movement and things are not as equal as they should be. They want to deport people who are not from this country, though some of them have lived here for most of their lives or were born here despite entering the country illegally. Did we not enter this country without asking as well?

With the beginning of the trump candidacy, we are already seeing hate crimes for people’s sexuality, gender, and religion – as well as people generally being assholes. This is something we can come to expect from a bunch of people who think a screaming block of moldy cheddar was fit to be the leader of our country, but I digress. We must push forward from this and come together to fight for the next four years. Create art to express ourselves, love our friends and family deeper, and continue to strive to make the struggle of those who are oppressed to be a focus in our fight. He may have won the election, but the struggle has been there since before there was even a decision. We will overcome and we cannot let fear guide us into a path of spreading the hatred that has existed before this.

“My concern is already happening…that it emboldens violent racists/homophobes/sexists…”

Heather Fox (Juanita): My concern is already happening…that it emboldens violent racists/homophobes/sexists…

Zach Longoria (Zach Longoria Project): A trump presidency gives voice to racism, fear and hate. There is really no easy way of saying it. He exploited fears by running on divisive rhetoric about monitoring Muslim Americans, called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, and claimed an American judge couldn’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage. Couple that in with his lack of geopolitical knowledge, cozy ties with Russia, sexism, and comments on sexually assaulting women, and you have a recipe for the scariest God damn world leader the world has seen since WWII.  It is truly is dark times for America, and our stance in the world is at stake.  People are so misinformed in large part due to the fact that facts are debatable, and news sources are based on what narrative you like, and picked accordingly. Ignorance is rampant and as of now truly winning the day.