WATCH: House Ghost – “The Weekend (So Pristine Remix by jkylemann)”

To get you hyped on their new album HandshakesHouse Ghost have made a kick ass music video featuring a fantastic remix of their already awesome song “The Weekend”. The original version of the song maintained a strong bubblegum indie pop sensibility with a bit of an edge that reminds me of bands like Surfer Blood and Reggie and the Full Effect. The remix, however flips it upside down into an electro-pop tune that sorta kinda reminds me of Phantogram. Both versions are super dope, so don’t be afraid of this re-imagining.

The music video (made by Jacob A. Campbell) is a collage of archival footage of apparent scientists doing science-related activities… I think. I’m not sure what the narrative is supposed to be (or if there is one at all), but it sure looks cool. At parts, I’m thinking that the scientists may be sending signals and frequencies to deep space in hopes of a response from a space ship or something. At other segments, I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Watch it below, then feel free to explain it to me.