LISTEN: SateLight – “MonaLisa In a Box Chevy”

SateLight has returned with a new album called MonaLisa In a Box Chevy which is currently available for download at his Bandcamp page. Serving as the followup to last year’s fantastic Harsh Reality effort, his latest release boasts nine new songs that each have a unique identity while maintaining a constant vibe from start to finish. After spending a bit of time with the album, my immediate favorite track is “Before I Expire” where SateLight spits over a Bobby Digital-esque savage beat that eventually mutates into a groovy, soulful jive. In other words, it’s fuckin’ awesome.

What’s the album about? Read what SateLight himself has to say about it:

MonaLisa in a box chevy is a 9 track piece of artistic self reflection. Societal approval, as well as the on going battle to believe in ones self. MonaLisa was seen as a below average painting done by Divinci… it was only after tbe work had went missing/stolen did anyone see the beauty in his work. This project probably wo t gain the respect it deserves now. But it could one day. This isnt your run of tbe mill template rap. This is music, creativity and art all rolled into one seamless thoughy processs. The album was produced by Ray Danger and Chawn Harlen.

Listen to MonaLisa In a Box Chevy in its entirety below: