LISTEN: Mosquito – “This Wooden Block is A Pillow”

If you had told me there was a thing as prog-power pop, I’m not sure I would’ve believed you. Or at least, I’m just wholly ignorant towards it. This is to say less of any kind of flashy leanings that may be inherent in prog rock, and more to the musicianship on display here in Mosquito, the latest group of rowdy hellraisers to grace our punk, indie, whatever scene. There is a Boner City quality to their music, that kind of playful pop forward thing going on, but this guitar player is super-on point, think All or The Descendents in terms of proficiency, but add some late 90’s grunge elements. You can hear Hum or Quicksand in what they’re doing too, which is at first blush a weird combo, to switch from more polished pop efforts to something comparatively more angular/aggressive, but it pays off in dividends.

This is a boss listen and one that’s entirely easy to digest. The fact that they mix it up from track to track is perfect. The production is rad too, moving from ugly to clean in sharp contrast. Everyone is playing in top form here and it comes across that way the entire time. And let me be the first asshole to write that the last thing Mosquito does is suck. There, I said it. Listen below and get your power pop on.