LISTEN: Shedding – “KB Expedition”

As the years go by, I find my friend Connor Bell -aka Shedding– drift further away from the conventions of music in his hunt to explore sound. On his latest release, KB Expedition, Bell has released unfiltered sounds of a nature expedition that he embarked on, I believe, last year. These are found sound recordings, which revel in nature and the natural world in it’s stark beauty. There is a serenity to the sounds here made even more so in the contrast between the untamed wild and the city. Gone are the trappings of civilization, replaced by the chirps and songs of animal life abundant and robust. You can close your eyes and just coast.

Read and understand carefully: this is not tuneful, at least not in the sense that there is any real compositional element at play here. That said, it can always be argued that the editing itself is the work, and the thing that tells the story. Maybe a big tractor took off before Bell hit record? In that respect, listen to this with photography in mind, as this has more in common with imagery than with than perhaps anything else.

Listen below, preferably at work or in the car, and just take yourself away from the stress of your cubicle or commute.