LISTEN: Nmesh – “Bumps EP”

Electronic musicians love to play with the concept of an EP. Traditionally Extended Plays have been reserved for a length of music somewhere between a single and a full length album, but of course in the digital age, that’s entirely subjective, especially so by Nmesh, who churns out a very long form EP in terms of track listing, but runs short on time.

Do you like your music in bit-sized nuggets? This is for you. In fact, Bumps is music for the Twitter generation, with an average song length somewhere at around twenty-five seconds or so, this is short attention span theatre and one that flies by without you realizing it. Each piece is a short vignette that pops in and out, almost like you’re changing the channels on an especially schizophrenic radio station. Or psychotic, depending on how much of a normal you are.

The music is more often than not indebted to artists like Aphex Twin or Richard Devine, although there are plenty of contemporary references in there too like Martin Stig Anderson or 2 8 1 4. This falls somewhere between being an easy listen and being maybe a little too challenging, at least for an average listener, but it’s fun regardless and well worth checking out. Listen below and blast this at your coworkers for added effect.