WATCH: Tremolanda at Kaiju!

Evan Patterson is one of my favorite local musicians for some years counting, which is high praise given some of the amazing acts Louisville has produced. With a resume that includes Young Widows, Jaye Jayle, and Old Baby, I’m inclined to give a little attention to whatever it is that he’s doing next, which is certainly the case with Tremolanda. What’s the story behind this video? I have no fucking idea. I have no idea if this was a once off thing, or if it’s some kind of art project for Patterson, but it’s cool either way.

The basic idea, at least as I understand it, is to play with Tremelo, an effect you might recognize in a song like this. If you’re too lazy to click a link, it’s that kind of jittery up and down effect that’s controlled by super quick (automated) volume swells, in a way that sounds mechanical. Here, Patterson is employing a pretty dope keyboard of some variety, and like 20 dudes playing hi-hat. Who are these guys? All sorts of people and some boss drummers to boot. How the hell did this dude get Kyle Crabtree out of retirement? That guy is the best.
Watch and listen below (video courtesy of our pal Salena Filichia) and zone out to it. It’s hypnotic in it’s bounce, and definitely an interpretative piece, but never to the detriment of the listener. Get into it.