LISTEN: Hanoi Jane – “The Socialist Shuffle”

Every now and again you need a dose of sneering punk fury, and Hanoi Jane has you covered. Honestly, my knowledge of the band is pretty limited, so taking the Harold Bloom approach to criticism (text only, thank you), I can say that they are definitely absolutely fine with getting political, and don’t give a fuck what you think about it. And why should they? This is exactly the kind of thing that got me riled up when I was younger, which is not a back-handed way of saying I grew out of it; I still want to burn it all down sometimes, it’s just a little different wearing my dad pants now and thinking about the world. That said, I wouldn’t say this is a youthful thing necessarily, because flying your freak flag and putting it out there is universal, but there is definitely an enviable amount of energy here, and one that I wish I could find in my current sleep deprived state.

The music is fun! There is a classic punk vibe here, kind of like The Clash or The Dead Boys, and with a little post-punk thrown in for good measure, like The Fall or Gang of Four. It’s a nice balance between biting garage rock and pop, and better off for it. You can listen to the below and see what all the fuss is about. Get into it.