WATCH: Quiet Hollers – “Road Song on the Road” + Jake’s QH Tour Retrospective!

Quiet Hollers at the end of tour. Notice how exhausted we all look. That’s real.

Quiet Hollers are a few weeks removed from a 2 month tour of America and Europe that was an absolute gauntlet. There were times during travel days where I thought to myself, “being home is going to feel like a vacation.” In my experience so far, tour always has those times. When one or more of us is down we often remind each other, “Hey man, don’t forget it’s all peaks and valleys.” This last tour embodied that saying more than anything I have ever been a part of. That’s what makes the video, “Road Song on the Road,” special to everyone in the band (watch it at the end of this post).

One of the interesting things about being on the road is how time passes. Travel days feel like weeks and sometimes it feels like the tour will never end, and you’re not really mad about that. Then at the end of the tour you think, “this went by so quickly.” Still, when I think about our first show in Middletown, Ohio it feels like it was 2 years ago even though it was at the end of July.

First show of QH tour in Middletown, Ohio.
There are a few places that stand out to me from this tour, the places I had the most fun I should say. Mile of Music Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin is an amazing event. 60,000 people came out to watch 900 sets played by 240 different artists. We played 7 sets in four days and I was able to see one of my favorite bands, Susto, perform twice. Plus we had a few drinks with them. If you want to see some of our experience at Mile, check out this video by our drummer Nick Goldring.
Jim Bob and I hanging with Justin Osborne of Susto. Check this band out!

Colorado was also a lot of fun. Recreational weed is a good thing, and the landscape is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it felt as if I were on a different planet (that had nothing to do with the marijuana). Especially when we were on top of a mountain nearly 2 miles above sea level having a meal prepared by Google’s former head chef. What is my life? It’s times like those when you realize just how lucky you are.

Pictured Above: Some shit I saw in Colorado, duh.

Then, of course we had fun in the fucking Netherlands. It wasn’t the 24 hour a day drug and prostitute party that I was expecting, but it was absolutely an incredible experience. The Dutch were super nice, and they really felt a personal connection to us and our music. Every show felt like we were playing to our friends, family, and fans of Louisville except we were 4,500 miles away from home.

Our last real show in Eindhoven, NL. Amazing crowd.
I fell and knocked half of Nick’s drums over this night, the most punk rock thing I’ve ever done.

We had our fair share of great times, many of which I will never forget and some that I already have thanks to Grolsch, Heineken, PBR, and Coors Light. Even in the middle of all that excitement there are still times that you can’t escape the aching feeling of missing home. That’s why “Road Song” is a song that makes everyone in the band emotional each night we perform it. I think about how much I love these guys that I’m harmonizing with. I think about what it’s going to be like to see my wife and pet my dogs. I think about how fucking lucky I am that those are my concerns in that moment. Nick put this video together of us performing “Road Song” in multiple cities during this last tour. It’s the perfect summary of our life in those two months.