WATCH: The Other Guys – “Good Feel” (feat. Allen Poe) 

Pictured above: Poe karate chopping the wind, because fuck all that.

It always feels like cheating to write about Allen Poe. Not only is he one of the most gifted emcees in the region, but he’s a writer here. Of course, I always get a little self-conscious writing anything superlative like that, as if there is some kind of competition in town to see whose best, and while I get that that is a common hip-hop trope (I’m the best man), it’s also not something I really give a shit about. I just like dope music, nothing more, nothing less, and Poe never fails to deliver.

I think it’s his delivery. It’s so chill and understated. It’s slow in a way or maybe just measured, kind of like MF Doom, meant here as high praise. The fact that he always has excellent production only adds to it. How does it he do it? I guess we’d have to holler at The Other Guys, the producers here, to get the 411, although really we all know the answer. Real knows real, as I’ve seen in movies or tv (not trying to play like my suburban ass is anything but).

The video is a sweet day at the fair, apparently filmed by Poe’s daughter, which is pretty rad. The shots are pretty great with what looks like some drone shots from above. It’s apparent that Poe knows what’s up in terms of syncing video footage to voice, which maybe should be parlayed into a career in ADR. Watch the video below and try not to grind to hard on a top bopper.