WATCH: Sloe Pink feat. Shadowpact – “Crush”

Sloe Pink is back with some more fire visuals, this time for the song “Crush.” The track features Shadowpact, and the three together make an entertaining group on both the song and the video. The song is a grimey jam with an old school vibe, no straight hook, just three stellar verses.

The video is directed by Luis Bowman and, no joke, this dude is talented. Playing on the title of the song, “Crush,” the video features each MC being crushed in a different manner. Sloe under a shoe, Sleye in a bench vise, and Marvill between a car and a wall. As simple as those shots could be, Bowman is able to make them last through entire verses simply through a few angles of each and clever editing. It’s seriously an impressive video that only helps to back up an equally impressive track. Check it out below.