BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Joann Jene tells you about The Growlers at Headliners 10/7/16

Oh my God, we saw The Growlers! I would most accurately describe the show as an aural and visual spectacular — no light show or lasers needed — just those five guys in amazing matching white suits playing jam after freaking jam! My bandmate/soulmate/roommate Meg, being the lucky charm that she is, won tickets to the show at Headliners and graciously took me as her date! Thanks Do502!

We knew there wouldn’t be an opener at the show and arrived in plenty of time to get a drink, scope out the scene and get a spot right up front next to one of the big old speakers. When the band came out, I was immediately mesmerized by their glorious matching vintage white suits – some kind of embroidery on the front, some kind of throwback glam sort of attitude and a whole lot of Indie rock crooner swagger.

While Meg knows quite a few of their tunes, I was only familiar with the song “Hum Drum Blues,” but it’s a song I so instantly loved from the first time she played it for me, that I went into the show so excited and ready to bask in their awesomeness. I always love going into shows not knowing quite what to expect and their sound definitely went far beyond what I would have imagined.

They started off the show with some songs from their latest album City Club and we couldn’t help but start dancing! I actually can’t remember the last time I was at a show where that many people just straight-up dancing! Couples even broke off and there were some serious rugs being cut all over Headliners! We got close to the front, but it wasn’t until the encore, when we were watching from behind the soundboard that I got a full view of the room – There was such a feeling of fun and happiness in the room that I couldn’t help but smile my face off!

Every member of the band was fantastic, but the lead singer, Brooks Nielsen – that is one eccentrically entertaining individual! Sort of subtle, almost pouty, with his tight white pants and nonchalant dance moves. While watching him I became aware that this man is doing exactly what he was put on this earth to do and we were all lucky enough to witness it! Later they played some of their older songs, which are definitely more rocking and Megan and I just straight up got DOWN! We danced the entire show and they played for nearly two hours!
What a fantastic band, what a fantastic night and what amazing people — some friends, some strangers — to share it with! Megan and I both agreed that we will most definitely be seeing the Growlers again!

Thank you for reading, I love you Louisville!