LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR #8: Allen Poe LOVES Halloween (1978)

Over the last few years, we at Never Nervous have gotten to know hip hop emcee Allen Poe (AKA Scott Ashburn) as a masterful wordsmith who is consistently in complete control of his flow and expression. It’s been a pleasure watching him grow as an artist listening to him spit clever line one after the other getting the most out of every dope beat he opts to decorate. Listen to his music on Bandcamp (especially his Still Eatin EP), or better yet follow him on Spotify.

He recently has received a bit of much deserved national attention as he’s been interviewed by Bandcamp and The Source (You read that right: The Source). If you’ve given this guy a bit of headphone time, I’m sure you understand why out-of-towners are starting to watch Allen Poe like Sauron’s eye in Lord of the Rings.

In addition to his noteworthy hip hop endeavors, he’s also a fantastic music writer as evidenced in his many posts here at NN. Having him aboard is more than a privilege as he seems to always be  cleverly dropping insight on a new release that, if not for him, I (we, really) would have never been hip to. This guy, man. This guy.

Naturally, we reached out to Allen Poe to see if he’d be willing to talk about one of his all-time favorite horror flicks as part of our daily ongoing LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR series. He responded with a short review of one of the genre’s most beloved and most watched films with a main character that has been ingrained into the proverbial pop culture lexicon…


My favorite scary movie is Halloween. It’s not the flashiest effects wise, Michael Myers is pretty homely as far as monsters go and there wasn’t a lot of drama and shit popping off around that small town in Illinois. As a rapper that sounds a lot like myself and where I’m from in a nutshell. Anywho, this movie owns.

Shit like when old girl looks down from her window and sees your boy Mike in between the sheets (no Isley Brothers), looks back and then he is gone. That was relatable to me, it too reminds me of my love life early on. Now a pair is happily married and enjoys romantic date nights to Olive Garden™. But fo realzies..I think this movie is jarring, suspenseful and the most believable scary movie I’ve seen.

I don’t like shock value for the sake of shock value. I don’t like excessive gore, as I find it’s often a cover up for a bullshit storyline. I just like Halloween. It’s not Halloween part 1, all its sub-par predecessors don’t necessitate the OG Halloween switching up it’s name to make room for their wack ass existences. It’s plain and it works. Plus the director John Carpenter grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, so shit yea man, Kentucky for Kentucky.