REVIEW: Dr. Dundiff – “In Love Every Day”

Dr. Dundiff
In Love Every Day
Mellow Orange Music

The great Greek philosopher Euripides once said, “Love is hella hard fam, but the moment you give up loving yaself and others is the moment ya start being a lil whiny schmuck.” He nailed it. So did Dr. Dundiff on his latest record In Love Every Day.

The record features samples revolving around love, mostly the love that comes with romantic relationships. Phrases like “I’ll never lose affection,” and “you never gave a fuck about me,” to “I love you too,” are scattered throughout. This record feels like the first time you dated in middle school and finally decided to tell the other “I love you,” after a 2 hour phone convo about nothing in particular. Not quite knowing at that moment the depths of love would mean y’all wind up agreeing to change shitty diapers together and be by the other’s bedside in 60 years as they’re dwindling away. At least that’s not the sort of love I had in mind when I told Amber Collins in 6th grade I loved her, I more closely meant her cucumber-melon lotion smelled awesome and I felt like a fucking G holding her hand in the hallway at school.
For me, the new Dundiff record is the soundtrack for those recollections. Last night I put it on while walking at sunset and it’s money for that sort of moment.
Enough on the feels side, let’s talk more technical shit. I’m superficially aware of what the art of sampling entails when making a beat, but I’m decent at hearing and understanding layers and textures in sample based hip hop music once it’s a finished product. To this end I’d explain that A LOT of sample based music will feature the same structure: a certain pattern for 8 bars, a certain pattern over the next 16 bars and repeat. Hopefully the pattern and samples used in those two offsetting bar structures is really catchy or else it gets monotonous. Dundiff is not that type of producer. The variations and attention to detail he displays is top flight. There are layers inside of his layers and depending on how cultivated your ear is, you may or may not find a deeper appreciation for what the guy does.
In sum, Dundiff as a producer is not only a technical wizard; he knows how to apply the tricks of the trade in precise ways and still produce art that doesn’t sound mechanical, but flows easily. Try the new record out below: