Grimey hardcore maestros WHIPS/CHAINS recently released a brand new EP titled INDUSTRY/PIG, serving as the long-awaited follow up to their badass 2012 effort MASTER/SLAVE. Each song (except one) hovers around two minutes in length and thematically share the same brutal tone each boasting sludgy guitars and distorted vocals served over a banging drum section.  I especially dig the closing track “Tools of Confinement” which opens with a badass Slayer-esque intro then morphs to an aggressive, hard hitting head banger.

If you weren’t already aware, WHIPS/CHAINS is comprised of heavy hitters Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, Black God), Ben Sears (Black God), and Will Allard (Xerxes). Having said that, aside from the lineup and the music presented on their new EP, I don’t know much about the band’s future ambitions (shows? tours?) or whether or not this release will be available as a physical product. I do know however that their latest release fucking rips and is currently available as a digital download.

Listen to INDUSTRY/PIG in its entirety below: