LISTEN: Nicholas Daniel – Dreamland 9/16

It’s Halloween time, nerds. The weather is ramping down and the nights are getting longer. To my mind there is no better way to celebrate this than by busting out the creepiest music you can and going for long drives at night. As a new parent to a second baby, I can’t speak much to the later there as my time isn’t quite my own at the moment, but I can certainly comment on the former, which, incidentally, I am. Surprise!

Operating here under his own name again, Nicholas Daniel is mining familiar territory. As one half of the duo (or maybe one third of the trio, depending if JC Denison is a full time member, which he hopefully is) Exacta Cube, Daniel employs equally his modular synth work, used here to loop and manipulate his voice. The effect is entirely haunting and is complimented well by the guitar work that defines the second half of the movement. This is exemplary stuff and the exact sort of thing that inspires me to get back to it, as soon as I can that is.

Listen below and get into it. For fans of Music for Films by Brian Eno or choice Biosphere records, which I heartily endorse.