WATCH: Phorenzics – “Clap For Me”

When I was 7 years old I took karate classes. I’d wear my outfit around the house and do hand chops and Karate Kid crane kicks and shit in front of my mom. I wanted her to clap for me. I don’t know that she ever did. Thanks to Louisville MC Phoreniscz, I now have an anthem to match my suppressed childhood attention whoring needs. Except this isn’t really about attention as much as it is about a promise.

Seems to me this artist is saying, “I done been through some shit just to make this music happen, y’all gonna get this music one way or the other.” And it seems to me that is a much more honorable approach to seeking applause than my little bullshit hi-kicks and what not.

Watch the video below:

WORTH MENTIONING: This song “Clap For Me” is now available on Soundcloud. Hell yes.