LISTEN: Wvrly – “Bloom”

Are you ready to get mild? You’d damned well better be when you listen to Wvrly. Self-identified as instrumental hip-hop is a bit of a stretch, if only because this skews a little too far outside of those bounds at times. There is a Martin Stig Anderson meets Clams Casino vibe to the music here, like you’re just swimming in a pool of melted sound. It’s a very fluid sounding release in that sense, which features chill beats and plenty of textured synth work. You put this on when you want to think about life; bust this out on your bike on a nice Fall day and have your friend film you with a Go Pro in slow motion. Play that footage back, listening to this, and tell me you don’t feel like a boss. Or don’t. Your call.

Listen below and soak in it.