WATCH: Cropped Out 2016 Commercial

It’s time again for the annual (or mostly so) Cropped Out pre-show infomercial, a magical time for all. Imagine if you will staying up for three days straight, while drinking only cough syrup and watching antennae tv like some kind of caveman, and you pretty much have this video. Actually, if you remember those garbage robots from the Transformers Animated Movie, this is probably what they think about when they do drugs, some random hodgepodge of 80’s sitcom jams and late night commercials. And it is brilliant and will bring a smile to your face, unless you’re a square. You don’t want to be a square, do you?

You can watch the video below and learn about some of the bands coming to Cropped Out this year like Bitchin’ Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy, Kool Keith, Pissed Jeans, Bill Callahan, and tons more. It looks like an awesome time and is the only event that offers shitty beers and bad decisions as a selling point. Who doesn’t want that?