WATCH: Bird Zoo – “Cigarette Shrimp”

Summer is on her last leg, but you’d be out your motherfucking mind to think there still isn’t a little time left to squeeze in a pool party. Bird Zoo is as abstract as they wanna be, but they aren’t out their minds. The new video for “Cigarette Shrimp” find the crew around a pool and grill with full cups and some sweet diving board jumps. Based on my former tenure as an Olympic judge for the high dive, I think I saw somebody perfectly land a triple-tuck double toe lutz, fo realzies. The synthesizer washes over the whole track and everything is just wavy as fuck as far as I can tell. I might pour myself a glass of ripple and watch again.

Bird Zoo – Cigarette Shrimp ( prod. by William Hines ) from Kogan Dumb on Vimeo.