LISTEN: Satellite Twin – “Ignitor”

I couldn’t have imagined a time when the cassingle would return, but here we are and in style! Satellite Twin have returned with Ignitor, the lead track off their upcoming release. It seems like just yesterday that they released The Mechanical Hearts EP, which as we noted then is boss hog. There is a distinct Fugazi or Drive Like Jehu influence here, both in terms of their manic energy and the work that they put into their composition. This is dope work and a hot banger of a track, one that sounds lifted from some forgotten Touch and Go or Dischord catalog from back in the day. Everyone here is firing on all cylinders, from the guitar and bass work, to the drums, and onto the vocals, which compliment the overall dynamic. The ambient coda at the end of the song offers a bit of a reprieve from the chaos, and it’s awesome. 

You can check out their latest and greatest below. Don’t miss them playing on Friday, September 30th with The Crosses and Black God at The New Vintage, where you can also pick up this release. Get into it, jokers.